JAMstack is the next generation of web technology

Blazing fast website using JAMstack. JAMstack websites using Javascript, APIs & Markdown (JAM) - for you it means Faster website using Front-end Technology. Better ranking capability and overall outstanding customer experience.

Static Site Generators (SSG)

SSG is the future of web technology, upgrade your website to use Headless CMS and get rid of clunky Wordpress & unwanted resources. The advantage website using Static Site Generators

  • Super-fast website that loads under 1sec
  • Unbreakable Security
  • No more theme & plugin upgrades
  • Website that deliver outstanding Customer Experience
  • Manage website content using CMS capability


How JAMstack supports your marketing

Performance at Core

Static websites are 10x faster. No database, unwanted query and bloted CMS

SEO by Heart

Faster websites are favourable for better ranking on SERP which means more traffic and increased revenue.


Static Sites are free from DDoS attack and hacker protection. Use these web technology to power your website.

CMS Included

A static website with the ability to edit content using a Content Management System (CMS) or through Git. However, you like to roll.

Uptime & lower costs

JAMstack websites are built for performance and can handle an incredible amount of traffic while keeping your website infrastructure cost under control.


SCube teams are readily available to help you on website build, ongoing operations or for any bug fixes. You can reach out via IM, slack, email or good old ways Phone Call.

How JAMstack supports your marketing


SSG can work with any data source — pull content and create pages with one line of code.

Build With

Write your app fast and future-proof with React. Jumpstart your project without the hassle of setting up an asset pipeline.

Measure with

Easily drop in third-party analytics to measure important behavior.

CI/CD Integration

With SSG, your app lives on the edge — on a CDN, without requiring app servers or databases, secure and infinitely scalable.


Can't find the answer to your question? Talk to us

The hourly rate we agree on depends on a couple of factors, like your project’s complexity. If you’d like to know the range of our prices you’ll find all the information you need in our company presentation.
A JAMstack website with 5-7 different design templates takes us between 4-6 weeks of development work (with full-CMS option). Of course, assuming that we have all the design assets provided
SCube has been building websites over a decade. We have been in business since 2010.
With over 30 websites and apps built with static site generators, we do have a bunch of them. Up to browse the full portfolio? Contact our sales team - they’ll be happy to send you a showcase presentation.
As we’re the dev shop, not a design one, we don’t have any designers in-house. But good news here, we do know some world-class design agencies and freelancers, as we’ve been working with them on our previous projects many times. Hit us up if you need some recommendations!

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