Five reasons to take a website maintenance plan.

Based on Bootstrap 4.x

Jekyll theme is built the latest version of bootstrap, Easy to customise and make it yours.

100% responsive

Darkout theme is built on responsive CSS. Your website will look amazing on all devices from large to small.

Easy Content Updation

We have applied various strategy to separate content from code, making it easy for you to manage universal content.

Major Browser Support

We have tested and tried our theme on all major browsers, giving you peace of mind while delivering the project

Multiple Layout Options

Out of the box, you get numerous layout options that can be used to build pages, landing pages, and blog-specific layout.

Pre-Build Modules

We have built various modules, aka blocks that can be used to create your pages.

100% Responsive

Monitoring & Resolving when there is the website downtime. Website back up at no extra cost.

Easy Content Updation

Images are the reason for website performance; large image slows down the website. We will optimise it for load & quality.

Advanced Sass Configuration

The broken link leads to poor UX, and errors on the page can lead to an unusable website. We will find these and fix them.

Major Browser Support

We will set up Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics on your website. We can also help with verification and debug.

Gutenburg Blog

This highlights errors, hack alerts, suggested improvements and much more. We install, monitor and provide access.

Detailed Documentation

We can help, install and run CDN network. This will provide you with enhanced catch and performance boost.


Five resons to take a website maintenance plan.




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Blog Right Sidebar


Five resons to take a website maintenance plan.



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Carousel Testimonial

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Hero Content

Info Block

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